SOLD - 1942 NSU Quick 98 

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appears to be very orginal paint patina, etc

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My friend, an avid German car and motorcycle collector found this amazing 1942 NSU Quick in a basement in Tennessee. He’s known in his area for his extensive collection, his knowledge and  straight arrow dealing. So it was no surprise that when a local widow was pointed in his direction when she asked around town who would be able to help her  with her husband's old motorcycle. When he turned up to inspect the bike, he was very suprise to be ushered into the basement of the house. When he got down there, he was even more surprised to see this uber-original condition NSU Quick 98.

The story that he was told was that her husband, an American GI,  came home from WWII with a complete bike, in pieces in his footlocker.  H reassembled the bike in his basement and that’s where it stayed. When you look at the bike, this story adds up. It appears to have all original parts. He got the bike running shortly after he’d purchased it and had done a little work. It's sat for several years again after that. The gas tank definitely needs attention and I’m sure there are other things. I just want to sell it as-is.

Click this link for a pdf file scan of an original brochure.

I love the originality and “patina” of this bike, I coveted it for years and finally, one day, he let me add it to a group of cars and bikes in a package deal. It’s sat in my office ever since, near the front door, as a piece of art for visitors to admire as they walk in. 


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Years of production: 1936-1942, 1945-1949

Engine: 3hp/4700rpm, 

1-cyl, 2-stroke 97cc

Bore/Stroke: 49/52 mm

Compression ratio: 6,0

Magneto ignition

Length: 197mm, width: 72mm, Saddle height: 77mm

Wheelbase: 120mm

Tubular frame

Gearbox: 2 speed

Weight: 63 kg

Maximal speed: 55 km/h

Tyres: 26 x 2,25 inches

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