SOLD - 1972 Nissan Fairlady ZG

consigned to The Finest Automobile Auction, Hershey June 11, 2016

This is the real deal. The absolute HOLY GRAIL of 240s! 

The Japan-only HS30-H Nissan Fairlady ZG was released in Japan in October 1971 to homologate the 240Z for Group 4 racing. Differences between the Fairlady ZG and an export market Datsun 240Z include an extended fiberglass ‘aero-dyna’ nose, wider over-fenders riveted to the body, a rear spoiler, acrylic glass headlight covers and fender-mounted rear-view mirrors. The Fairlady ZG was available in three colors: Grande Prix Red, Grande Prix White and Grande Prix Maroon. The "G" in Fairlady ZG stands for "Grande.”

To further differentiate it from the US Spec 240Z, the factory ZG’s were fitted with a 5-speed transmission, limited slip rear differential and rally clock. 

I bought this for my personal JDM collection from one of Japan’s most well-respected JDM restorers. He's the kind of guy who refuses to sell to foreigners, but after a lot of ”courting” through my Japanese friends, he was convinced that I was a true enthusiast and would provide a good home for this beauty. It’s no trailer queen. This is a driver’s driver. 

72 Nissan 240ZG-039.JPG

I am one of this country’s leading JDM Collectors. i know the little things to look for to know a real ZG from a fake and I bought this car from a well respected restorer in Japan. ZG serial numbers don’t very from regular Z’s. In house, they were known as HS30H, but they were produced with serial numbers consecutive to normal Z’s. 

There are possibly one or two real JDM Factory-built ZGs in all of the United States. 

We’ve recently serviced it and have gone back to a factory spec shocks for a more comfortable ride. It looks like it’s sits a couple of inches high, because the wheels are not as tall as the originals. 

USA titled! Includes tool kit, jack, spare (not shown in pics). 

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