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This unique 930 Turbo will be up for auction at TheFinest’s Boca Raton Concuors d’Elegance auction on February 11th. 

About the Special Wishes Slant Nose

The Special Wishes factory slant noses made before the official option package M505 and M506 in 1987 were very interesting to me.  They were made to order for Porsche’s weaIthiest clients, and usually contained a lot of “cost-no-object” customizations. I did a lot of research on the Special Wishes slant noses...OK I was obsessed with them!  I obtained very rare Special Wishes brochures, books, and magazine articles and learned everything I could about them.  

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The downside to the pre-1987 M505/506 slant noses is that the factory kept no records of the work done, so it will not show up on the Kardex build sheets or the Certificate of Authenticity. This is because the Special Wishes work was invoiced as a work order by the Werk I repair workshop, not a line item on the Kardex build sheet like the M505/506 slants.  Most owners did not keep these invoices, so one must look at other paperwork and body features for telltales of a Special Wishes slant


Vehicle History

This 930 slant nose was invoiced in March of 1983 and delivered to Mahag Porsche in Munich. The EPA and DOT paperwork indicate that Bruce Canepa imported it in January of 1985. The previous owner had spoken with Bruce about this car, and he asked if the rear spoiler grill and rear air intake slats were painted body color (they are).  He added these touches to the factory slant noses he imported.

Bruce then pointed to a car he had recently sold that he imported for racer Rick Mears around the same time asthis one, which had very similar Special Wishes work done to the exterior and interior:  

Bruce does not recall whom he imported the car for, and I do not have any records (other than Carfax info) before the previous owner who has owned it since 2000.  The previous owner was a perfectionist when it came to maintaining the car’s appearance and mechanics, but only put about 4,000 miles on it during his ownership. 


Features from Special Wishes: Cashmere full leather covered interior, upper and lower dash, ignition key rosette, steering column cover, center console, heater control box, round door lock plates, sun visors, door panels and arm rests, all rear upholstered panels.)  

83 930 Slant -074.jpg

Center Console with VDO outside temperature gauge and clock (with 1983 date codes), plus A/C and fan dials, Factory Rootwood dash measuring ¼” thick (see pics). VDO boost gauge with maximum boost indicator needle, which can be reset with a special key. This replaced the clock next to the speedometer., Early 930S Steering wheel by Italvolanti with raised hub, date coded 2/1983 (additional Special Wishes that the time of manufacture), Original cashmere carpet is in excellent condition, and is representative of the low mileage and care given to it. A set of cashmere Lloyds “Turbo” floor mats are included. The original Blaupunkt cassette deck is included. Headliner is in excellent condition

Power windows work great. All gauges are functional and have correct date stamps except the speedometer, which is dated 1984. The speedometer was changed to MPH when imported to the USA in January 1985. 

As noted in a PPI by Powerhaus, the original seats were in good shape but showed some wear (typical for Cashmere), and the outer beading was worn, so the previous owner had them reupholstered to make them perfect. He had the sport seats and dash top recovered in Porsche OE quality genuine leather upon purchase in 2000. Work was performed by Tony Garcia, then working at Autos International, known to be the best restorer of Porsche upholstery. Receipt included.

As noted in the PPI by Powerhaus, the original seats were in good shape but showed some wear (typical for Cashmere), and the outer beading was worn, so the previous owner had them reupholstered to make them perfect.


930s The underbody, rocker panels, and fender wells still have all of the original undercoating, and the excellent condition confirms the low mileage of the car. Original Special Wishes paint to sample color. Paint gauge shows two layers of paint (original plus respray), no filler on any part of the body. The paint is in excellent condition and shines beautifully. The body was inspected by Powerhaus when the previous owner purchased the car in 2000, and was found to have no accident damage (see PPI report).  Every window, door and body seal were replaced with new in 2001 (have reciept). 

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All of the slant nose body work indicates a Special Wishes produced slant nose. No slats behind the headlights. This was done on only a very few Special Wishes slants. No evidence of welding insert panels on the underside of the steel front fenders. Round popup headlight system from the 944. Single 944 headlight motor, mounted in the center under the hood latch, rotating both headlights via a large rod. The mounts used to attach the 944 Headlight rod, and the through-fender bearings are Porsche Special Wishes parts. Uses factory wire harness and relay board for headlight motor. Shock supports appear factory quality, not cut and welded to make room for the headlight buckets. Jack extensions welded to the rockers Rearmost edge of the rear air intake follows the curve of the wheelwell opening. BBS 3 piece 15x7 and 15x9 wheels with "uprated" suspension. This alone cost $4550 on the 1987 price list!

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This 930 runs, shifts, and drives as you would expect from a low mile, well maintained example.  Starts and idles great, no grinding in any gears, boost comes on smooth and strong. Original numbers matching "power kit" engine (cost $16,795 extra!) and limited slip transmission. Showed good leakdown numbers at the PPI in 2000. In preparation for power upgrades, the engine was disassembled and resealed with new head studs in 2000. Have photos and receipts of the work done at Powerhaus. Upgraded by Powerhaus to K29 turbo, full bay intercooler, and Powerhaus stainless steel heat exchangers and muffler to run safely at 1 bar of boost. The original heat exchangers and muffler were not kept. See receipts for other work done by Powerhaus.

All the parts to convert it back to the Special Wishes 330hp "power kit" were kept and are included, with the lone exception of the #7006 K27 turbo itself which are readily available.


The original German owners manual and an English version are included. Also have a copy of the US M505 Slantnose owners manual, Copies of all the EPA and DOT importation documents dated January 1985 filed by Bruce Canepa's import company, indicating the car as a “935S”. This is good evidence that the car was converted by Special Wishes, as no factory slant nose parts were available outside the factory before 1985. Rare 1984 German Sonderwunsche brochure, with complete price list, detailing the options available with beautiful photographs. Limited edition Special Wishes Exclusive 25th Anniversary book from the Porsche Museum. August 1982 Christophorus factory magazine, with article from Rolf Sprenger (father of the factory slantnose) describing the Special Wishes offerings with photos. June 1987 Automobile magazine with slantnose on the cover, with article about Special Wishes/Exclusive and the costs involved. 

California Smog compliance paperwork from 2000. There are no records prior to 2000 other than the EPA and DOT importation documents, however, the Carfax shows regular mileage increases in the 1990s. Photos of the car from 2000 when the previous owner purchased it. PPI results from Powerhaus from when the previous owner purchased it in 2000, verifying that it checked out as a low miles factory slantnose with the 330hp power kit parts, and that it had no accident damage.

Kardex report from inquiry at Porsche Classic: VIN 93DS000695, Engine: 67D0722 is original, Transmission: 77D0753 is original, color 99=special wish interior YA= Cashmere, dealer 116=Mahag Porsche Dealer, Munich, invoice March’83, 


186=2-point safety belts rear 

220=limited slip diff 

261=electric mirror right 


498=rear lid without model designation 

650=sliding roof

Porsche COA, clean and clear title and substantial paperwork/documentation accompanies this wdomerful, rare 1983 Porsche 930 Turbo Slantwise.

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